Features for July 28-31

Soup du Jour:

Luncheon Feature:

Dinner Main:


Side Dish:

Chef's Dessert:

Foster's Farmhouse Minestrone with Walnut Pesto

Apple Brined Smoked Turkey Clubhouse with Chipotle Aioli

Beef Tenderloin / Tiger Shrimp Shiskabab

Seafood Jambalaya with Tiger Shrimp, Rice and Cornbread

Bev's Ratatouille

Berry Patch Cheese Cake


Remember: You can reserve your menu choices, at the time of your table booking, to avoid disappointment.
Dinner reservations are recommended.

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On the banks of the Wye River, sits a large building from 1830, which began as the General Store and Post Office.   - see more -
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Enjoy a fresh and delicious lunch in our TreeArt dining room, or relax in the welcoming and peaceful garden of our riverside patio.   - see menu -
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Mad Michaelís home and garden decor is made from branches and twigs. Visit us and see the mad genius of Michaelís TreeArt!   - see items -

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